I'll make it quick and easy to follow:


0000-2006 nothing that adds value to this forum
2006-2007 I was running guesthouses, just getting started
on the same time I started to develope parenting website Nupsu.ee
2007-2008 In the start of economic crises I had to decide if I go for business in the internet or save the guesthouses
2009-2012 Nupsu has become the biggest parenting website in Estonia

And WordPress came along

2010-2011 I was really digging into WP
2011-2012 Plugistan - the marketplace for selling WordPress Plugins was launched
2012-2015 on the road for making Plugistan the nr.1 premium WP plugins marketplace


1982 - Born
2005 - My wife gave birth to our son
2010 - My wife gave birth to our daugther

Family comes first. I am thankful they are so supportive and let me do my thing.

Love to travel.

That's me :-)

Name is Kaarel Veike and I live in Estonia