Ad spaces are up for sale on my anime site.
It gets around 3,500 visitors 12,000 impressions / day.
70% of the total traffic comes from the US and traffic comes mostly from Search Engines.

The traffic is also seen to be growing every month.

If you have a gaming website, or an anime website, you should go nowhere else.

Firstly, please find available ad formats below :

1) Pop-Unders / Pop-Ups

You can advertise with pop-unders /Pop-ups on my site. you can have anything in the content, other than ***** content or malware.

Pop-Under/Pop-Up will be shown only once per a browser session - That means, popup/popunder will be shown only once to a user upon entering the site. Only after the user leaves the site and comes back again, the popup / popunder would be shown again.

12,000 Impressions every day guaranteed.

Price - $ 100 / month or $25 /week.


2) Text Link ads directly below the header.

I have two text link ads directly below the header that will make sure you get a high clickthrough rate.

Presence : All pages on site

Price - ONE AD - $30 / month

If you buy TWO ADS - $55 / month

3) One Banner Ad on top ( 468x60 )

The ad will be displayed on top
You can have both animated / non animated ads

Presence : All pages on site

Price : $ 35 / month Or $95 / 3 months


4) Square Ads On the right sidebar

4 Square Ads (150x 150) Or (some other format that is less than 200 in width and 200 in height) are available

Both animated and non animated

Presence : All pages on Site

Price : $30 / month for each ad.


5) 4 Square ads on the left sidebar / Or One single Skyscraper Banner

4 square ads on the left sidebar are available. You can choose to have a long skyscraper banner (160x200) or 120X160 in the place of these ads as well.
Availability of square ads/ skyscraper ad will be subject to which one is taken first.
You can have your own design. Animated ads are allowed.

Price - $ 30 / month for one Square ad

If you choose to buy Skyscraper banner - 100$ / month.

6) Footer ad (468X60 ) or even larger size!

One footer ad banner is available.
You are free to choose Animated/ Non animated.

Presence : All pages

Price : 25$ / month

Your ads will be carefully monitored and approved. ***** / Malware / Spyware ads are not allowed.

If for any reason, the traffic falls significantly, I will issue a refund right away.