The first social network for web professionals - featuring company and freelancer profiles -

Complete business solution which includes:
  • Company/individual profiles
  • User Wall
  • Forum Community
  • Reviews
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Multi-user blog platform
  • Link Directory
  • Project Manager

In addition website feature SEO tool:
  • Page Analysis
  • Auto Backlinks (Pinger)
  • PR Checker

This social network just completed Beta testing stage and all members are real and active even not many. Currently this social network is promoted as non-commercial and I have never tried to monetize it, as well never send newsletter to our members, with bi-weekly newsletter, traffic will double and triple, as well about 3% of possible content is loaded.

Reason for selling

Currently I am developing 2 other projects which will require some funding, as well I recently became a father and want to secure the future of my son and spend more time with my family.

Income Streams

There are many options to monetize this social network - paid membership, AdSense, own PPC system. Own PPC admanager is implemented on the website and never used, it is very similar to Facebook Ads. As well the review script can be used for sponsored reviews. Just for information - side-wide link average cost $45 , if 8 links are allowed in the footer of website. Affiliate income from software reviews, web hosting services, templates, plugins, etc. Niche of this social network is very suitable for offering services, which is another potential revenue stream.


Website is very easy to manage, but I will not say that you need to work 10min a day to become rich. Being realistic 2 hours a day work can be more than enough. Website have never being promoted through AdSense, only basic SEO is done, but even after 2 weeks of launching it reached PR4. More than 100 sub-pages also have PR3-PR2. Cost of web hosting is around $80 a month.


This is serious business offer, it is not the usual scam of getting rich quick. This is a network which needs work, need promotion and need to know at least the basics, but it can easily be turned into cash machine as offer more than other competitor in this business, so please only serious bids.

Extra notes

Domain is about 2 years old, but the website is established about 8 months ago, until last month it was in alpha, beta and RC stages. I have never tried to monetize it, the only thing is that I have put AdSense to cover web hosting cost. Finding sponsors is very easy, most companies are willing to give you software, plugin, template, CMS, since the beginning network have receive more than $2000 in donations and software.

If you are the lucky buyer

If you win the auction, I prefer transfer to be done in 3 stages

Transfer Hosting and Content - 50% payment
Transfer Domains - the rest 50%


There is URL shortener website supporting this social network, PR1 tiny project, which you get for free. It will be very useful for Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook brand building using short URLs which looks similar to the domain name.