Hey there Guys my name is Sornie Samante,

As you can see I am new member of DP, I've been seeing this forum for sometimes now and I don't understand why it took me so long to register myself and actually
interact with DP people. I know this forum could change and help me on all marketing efforts I may have in the near future. :)

One of the biggest reasons why I am here is the fact that I am with like minded people. I am 21 year old guy, a guy who realizes that it is useless to spend
thousand of times on facebook learn nothing at all in my industry. Aside from Advertising and stuffs like that of course. :cool:

So, instead of using facebook a lot, I'll surely be reading great information from here too.
Now, if you happen to have some great resource of information I could read to start off to be a great DP member from this forum,
Please do not hesitate to post it here further so I can check it out.

I am just starting to play with things here really, I am on stage where exploration is one big thing! :eek:

Again, Thank you and May You all have a great day!

Happy To Meet you!