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Are you sick and tired of wasting your time and money on barely readable content? As an online marketer, you need good quality, well written articles that will help bring you TARGETED traffic. I have been using article marketing for my own online business for the past 5 years. So you can rest assured that I know what Internet Marketers are looking for.


> General Article
> SEO/Blog/Article Writing
> Product Review
> LSI content
> Press Release
> Web Content

Article Deliverable Facts…

Unique - They are all unique articles, all of them will checked on Copyscape before delivery to you.

Quality - We do not expect you to need to do any tweaking of anything for you to publish them. This one issue often drives up the price of cheap articles by the extra man-hours wasted on checking and retyping them.

Readable - They are written to a satisfactory level of English with no syntax, typos or spilling mistakes -Seriously, no grammar or spelling mistakes

Sensible – The article will report the kind of information connected with your keyword or phrase that the search engines would expect to see. Also no psychedelic syntax, syndicated sad text or other effects, often seen in very bad language skills or spinning artifacts.

Expected – You tell me what you need and you will be delivered your expectations. Whatever keywords you wish to be included just state in your requirements. If you need more than just general articles then let me know and I'm sure we can work out a good deal.

Personal Attention – If your article is not written by me personally I will certainly ensure that it is finally edited and checked by me before you get delivery of it. I am after a good level of quality.

Yours - They are completely yours, you own the copyright to do with them whatever you please. They are your articles once you receive them, ghostwritten just for you.

Our Rates:

General Article: $4.00 / 500 words

SEO/Blog/Article Writing: $4.50 / 500 words

Product Review: $5.00 / 500 words

LSI content: $5.00 / 500 words

Web Content: $5.00 / 500 words

Press release: $6.00 / 500 words

I am keen to build up a reputation so I really don't think you will be disappointed.

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Skype: pertickswan

Thank you and I'm looking forward to Work with you!!