After Lots Of Requests Here It Is:-

How it works:

You simply supply us with 1 URL and your target keyword, plus at least 4 others (we can use to vary anchor text) and we guarantee to get you onto the first page of Google for your chosen keyword.

How is this different from other services ?

Other services ask you to supply 5 or more keywords and then guarantee to get one of them onto the first page of your chosen search engine.

The reason they request 5 keywords is to give them the option of choosing the keyword that is easiest for them to target and quickest to rank (which inevitably is the one with least traffic). However, we are not interested in all that BS! As we value our customers we simply ask you just tell us the URL you want to rank and what keyword you want to rank for (+ at least 4 extra keywords so we can vary the anchor text to make it look more natural) and we will keep building links to your site until you are on the first page of Google!

What if i want to rank for or ?

No problem, all you have to do is let us know and we will guarantee to get you on the first page of that search engine.

How is this even possible? How can you make such a guarantee ?

We are extremely experienced in SEO, we have our own private blog networks which were untouched by Google's latest updates (because we have never shared any of our blogs unlike many of the other networks). Plus with all the other resources we have available to us we know we have what it takes.

What forms of link building do you use ?

High page rank blog comments
Social Bookmarking
RSS Feeds
Article Marketing
Video Submission
Our private blog network
Our niche blog networks
Directory submissions
Wiki Links

How do i know your doing the work ?

You will see your rankings increasing, it's that simple!

Each month we create at least 500 blog posts (which inlude videos and pictures to make it look very natural) 500 wiki backlinks & 100 social bookmarks. We of course try and complete your campaign as quick as possible however if your site is new we have to take the whole thing a bit slower for obvious reasons. Either way we don't give up until it reaches page one!

How long will it take?

This is impossible to answer, it all depends on the niche, the keywords your targetting, the age of your site, your on-page seo and many other factors. However we will not stop building links until we get there!

If i get bored of waiting can I get a refund ?

No, due to the nature of the business we can't simply work on your site for hours on end and then refund you just because your impatient. However we will never give up!

Can i re-sell this service ?

Yes but not on warrior forum.

What happens when I get to the first page?

You will receive an email saying that we have achieved your ranking, you will then need to reply to confirm the ranking is correct. Once this has been done the contract will be complete.

So just so I am Clear, I pay a ONE-OFF FEE of £99 (first 50 only) and you keep building links to my website until it gets to page one of Google for my chosen keyword?


To show you we really know what we are doing here are some reviews from our other serivice, which can be found here


Originally Posted by lsasha
Very good servise!
After 2 weeks all my keywords in TOP 10


Originally Posted by Vivre
I have to say that I highly recommend this service. I ordered this service the other day and it was delivered much faster than I expected. As well, the communication about my order was outstanding; I have never had such good communication about progress - ever. And for the really good part; my rankings have increased significantly already, and the results are only just starting.

According to the rank checker I use, I went from position #11 to #5 (on G) overnight. Another keyword went from position #32 to #11; a third keyword went from nowhere-to-be-found up to #61, and a fourth keyword went from #42 to #26. And this is just the beginning; more results are sure to follow when the campaign is complete.

I was/am using a similar service here on the WF and have not experienced as good results with that other service, so now I will be moving all my campaigns over to Cyber Rankings seo service when those other campaigns expire. Also, all my on-page is seo optimized and I have a mix of links already, so I normally get good results for most campaigns, but this is by far the best I have experienced to date - anywhere.

A++++++ Many thanks and will be back for sure; next time I will get the buy 3 special, since I have already tried it out. L

Edit: One thing I forgot to ask.... if we want to "maintain" our rankings, how often should we re-order this service? (along with other mixed backlinking).


Originally Posted by ryodante
Just placed an order about two or three days ago, so far, i really happy with the result!
Will i put another order again? of course! without any doubt, i can say that it is the best service i ever bought so far. GREAT JOB friend!


Originally Posted by marcolav
Tried the service on some quite nasty keywords in the dating niche, sites that were stuck for ages and things started moving and I am still climbing the SERP's, slowly but steadily



Originally Posted by stesnees
Excellent work from Lee for my keywords, 3 weren't even ranked and 2 were in the 80s somewhere. Now I have 2 in the top 10 and 3 under 50, and these will probably get higher over the next couple of weeks. Nice one mate, more orders on the way soon.


Originally Posted by Dmaind
Honest Review! Don't ORDER this Service if you DON'T WANT TO RANK!

Hi Lee,

I am in lOVE with your blog network and will be ordering three more packages soon.

BUT before ordering I was bit skeptical about how my site is going to react these 600 posts.

Previously, my site was ranking on #6 for a high competitive buying keyword. As the blog posting started in hours my moved up on the ladder and garbed #3.

It is still dancing between #1 and #3, soon it will settle down on #2 or #3.

Also, I really appreciate the way you handle your clients and their queries. VERY PROFESSIONAL!

D Maind


Originally Posted by ryodante
Just placed an order about two or three days ago, so far, i really happy with the result!
Will i put another order again? of course! without any doubt, i can say that it is the best service i ever bought so far. GREAT JOB friend!


Originally Posted by dml8131
Just purchased this service last evening and received an email confirmation of the order several hours later - which was great! Considering I'm in Hawaii and Lee and his group are in the UK I wasn't sure just how fast the project would be initiated. To my pleasant surprise I saw very fast results with the site I put forward for this service. My primary keyword went from 6 to 2, and all my 6 other anchor text keywords also increased - some significantly and some a little less signifcantly - but all increased in less than 6 hours!

Having contextual links in combination with other link types really does the trick. Lee's service with the contextual links in the blog network he operates really emphasized this point. I am highly recommeding this service to any warrior forum member who is serious about getting their sites ranked and wants a fairly hands off service. I will be purchasing Lee's 3 campaign package on Saturday for three more of my sites!

Great job Lee!




Originally Posted by xenter
Pretty simple. Excellent results + Awesome customer service = Epic Win


Originally Posted by ValerieDB
Bought this service, didn't know what to expect but...

What a great service!

I've got foreign keywords (dutch) on a relative new site. I wasn't listed in google but now 5 of my keywords are listed in google. He even over delivered because he wanted me to even rank higher! I will be buying this service more frequent as this helps me get to #1 !!!



Originally Posted by Coldevil

Simply put if you want results these are your guys. Awesome work on some stubborn keywords that were already up there.

Off to purchase for another site at the new price.


Originally Posted by Ecristaldo
It's amazing the results I obtained with this service. I have no words to describe it, I ordered one package, 3 hours later Cyber ​​Rankings contacted me to tell me that my site reached the 1st page on google in 3 hours! Before that, my site was in position NOWHERE in google!! This service is fantastic and I will definitely use it for my other sites!!



Originally Posted by affilliate pro
just signed up for another campaign this guy rocks the last campaign is only part of the way through and already there has been huge improvements for all keywords and they are all very competitive i can't wait for the end of this campaign. I can't wait for the next campaign with him it's not even as competitive and i'm close to spot 1 on google for 3 of the keywords just need that last push up to the number 1 spots.


Originally Posted by Mason Soiza
Awesome within 5 hours i have moved up 270+ for some keywords and for my competitive ones +1, +3, +3. Hopefully will see my hit #1 with my own backlinking strategy and also the power of his network.


Originally Posted by netmatrix
Gary, thanks for the service, it was top quality.

Communication: Excellent
I received an e-mail to acknowledge my order. Another e-mail to show my current/prior rankings and a final e-mail to show the results. This all happened in a span of less than 2 days.

Customer Service: Excellent
There were some issues with the keywords (I submitted the wrong ones) and they actually went ahead and submitted an additional campaign at no charge.

Results: Excellent
Every keyword increased rankings in just a few hours. Some climbed as high as page one without being in the top 1000 before and.... only 60% of the campaign has been completed so far.

Verdict: Highly recommended service


Originally Posted by fabcsaby
Hello, first of all, thanks for the service.

I ordered yesterday this amazing link building service for a site that was not indexed. One hour after the submission was started, I have checked my site, and all of my pages were indexed in google. I thought it was because I have added to my webmaster account, but not! I'm 100% sure this happened because of this amazing blog network.
The seller told me that 60% of the submission is complete and he already sent me the ranking update. The site ranks for 2 competitive keywords on the 1st page and for the other 3 keywords ranks on 3rd page.

I don't know how you did that but I'm amazed by this service. Hope the rankings will stay and with additional link building, I can push the site forward.

Thanks again for the great service!


Originally Posted by GaryHarvey

In 5 hours, my site has gone from THREE keywords in the top 1000
to NINE.

As proven by before/after screenshots from MarketSamurai.

Now I am doing my own promotion as well, but there is little doubt
that this sudden surge must be attributed to Cyber Ranking's
700+ blog network. A great result, Lee, in such a short time.

I received a free review copy but with results like this, I plan to be
back with my wallet open to use Lee's services again.

He even had the nouse to test with since the URL
I gave him was a site.

This must be very gratifying for you, Lee. Thank you so much for
the chance to test drive your powerhouse network.

Gary Harvey


Originally Posted by GaryHarvey
I should flesh this out a little.

The 3 sites in the top 1000 held positions 5, 6, 45.

The 9 sites in the top 1000 held positions 3, 6, 17, 26, 35, 37, 38, 72, 351.

And remember, this is after just 5 hours.

Like I say... IMPRESSIVE.



Originally Posted by achukuttan
What I need to tell about Lees service.....


Lee I must say this, I salute you.....I didnt even think or atleast have a thought I would be listed on page 1 of google, for a tight competition keyword...

Even though Lee told me, we can try, I wouldn't expected this from Lee, Lee I must say your service are just crazy man....and let me know I am also interested to study how you are getting keywords on page 1...((Hope I can also start a thread near to you, heheeeeeeeeee)

(I saw the keyword is dancing, but I think its usual and will back to a great position...I am waiting to see that)

Guys, Lee service is worth of it,You are not going to loose nothing, I am going to order the 3 package now...
Once more salute to you Lee...



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