First of all, look at my previous post on traveling site I needed.

Someone from this forum (nick: Nigel Lew ) mentioned he could help me.

and my budget was just $100. He did mentioned very low but in the end he still said he will proceed to design for me.

All details given to him to do the site.

He requested 50% down payment which I did .... $50 sent to him since Monday.

Day after day, he promised to show me the site but always failed to do so.

He even requested me to register and said he will host for me after I entered the DNS info.
I did as mentioned but till today he kept pushing and pushing without showing me what he has done.

Even if I know it was not easy, but at least dont ignore my msg or lie to me... if he really done the site, he will able to show to me what has been done isnt it? Why must lie and say he is outside right now etc, asking someone to do to faster the process, saying tomorrow will tbe the latest to show me etc but ended up? never happen....

If you guys in my shoe, how would you feel when your site should have more or less done but someone like him lie to you and making you unable to choose other designer...

Now I told him to refund but at the same time I told him, $50 is just a small sum... he wasted my time waiting and waiting.. that's so piss off man.

Admin: Sorry if I post wrong place but I want everyone to beware of him. You may go ahead to deal with him but dont blame me for not voicing outwhat sort of person you are dealing with.

Btw, he msg me just now saying he will post the site he had done here to prove he did the work but if he does, why didnt he show me but show here for everyone to see? Does it make sense to you? LOL.

Oh well... now I wasted a lot of my time and now must find someone that I could trust to do the work.