We are looking to run a quick banner contest. We will run it for 5 hours so if you wish to enter notify me and I will hold it open. We will pay $15 via Paypal

The banner will be for www.ncoretail.com This is an electronics store and we wish to promote a Android Tablet that has gone on sale.

The make and modle is: Sungworld Model M70025 - you can use that to find an image.

What we need in the text:
Android Tablet Only $99.95 33% Off (Discount - Either word work)
Originally $149.99
Text doesn’t have to be in any order or altogether as long .

We don't want the make or the model of the tablet on the banner.

The text doesn’t have to be all together but we need the banner to grab attention or “pop”.
Here is a site that we like their banners www.tigerdirect.com/ These are very bold and get your attention

We are building the slider at the moment so the sizes are not exact. We will need the ability to resize the image without affecting the quality. Approximate size is: 200x720