Luxembourg, Europe Windows 2008 Remote Desktop Access! Starting @ $9.95/m

Sick and tired of being blocked at work or school? Looking for a place where you can run Windows applications 24x7 on a speedy server? Looking for a Windows platform for development purposes? Look no further, A new alternative is available! is offering Windows 2008 Remote Desktop Accounts Starting at $9.95/m.

We have been in business for close to 5 years under our parent company! With, your in good hands :agree:

Installed Programs
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
VNC Viewer
Mozilla Thunderbird
NX Client
OpenOffice Document Processing Suite
And many more!

New Programs will be installed when Requested

1Gbit Luxembourg RDP Plans

40 GB Space
500 GB Transfer
$9.95 USD Monthly
Order Now!

80 GB Space
750 GB Transfer
$14.95 USD Monthly
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100 GB Space
1000 GB Transfer
$19.95 USD Monthly
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You will have access to servers hosted at our Luxembourg facility at 1Gbit port speeds.

Please do not purchase if you plan on Using the Remote desktop for ANY Porn Related Material
Spamming/hacking or anything considered illegal. Use common sense.


Contact Information:

Email :
Phone : 1-888-743-8814

Payment Methods:

Credit cards
Liberty Reserve