Sumer Quits
March 23rd, 2012 by Sumer_Quits
Dear People of Suicide Project;

I have always said if there ever comes a time
i can no longer fulfill my duties to save the people
with suicidal thoughts, i would be the . ihh~~.

5th or some shpizznet to be telling you on 2nd hand.

I am afraid that day is here.

I can not hang out on this web site Suicide Project
any longer. it has children under the age of 18 here.
i can get in serious trouble if i stay on this web site.

I am turning 30 soon myself.

If i can not use certain type of language, there is no
way i can open up the imagination of people and make
them see things beyond-death.

you see, void is the destination.

from a to z, there are lots of dots to connect.
the way one can connect dots is, 1 at a time.

if someone cuts you off in the middle and won’t
let you finish your sentence..

then of course they can say ” sumer is crazy ”

imagine if someone sold you a car that was not
completely built.

you are not suppose to enter the factory and buy a
car that is not yet finished.

you are not suppose to eat a cake that is not yet
fully cooked.

you are not suppose to take sumero’s comments
out of context, and then point fingers to him call
him names like “troller” in order to get him banned

my internet’s IP address is banned, i can not even
come to this web site any longer when i am on the internet.

trust me, you do not know what suicide is.
trust me, you can not label someone “mentally ill”
unless you are a world-wide-recognized and respected person.

because seriously, if the people in india don’t think
you are mentally-fine. then earth has rejected you.

you are not in a position to label others.

let me tell you my plan. my plan is to design a web site
like CNN but imagine if sumero thought about something
like nordstrom, when it comes to placing news reporters
to produce news on his web site.

no country left behind.

global concept.

when you go to sumero’s web site in the future it will feel
Like the NORDSTROM version of CNN. and it’s for the
whole world.

the responsibility goes off of me , i can not express my views
On this web site, thus people in similar situations as me
will not realize there are solutions for their situations.

if someone out there is suicidal like i have been but
they do not know how to time travel and etc. they might
end up slashing their throat.

i am no longer responsible for such events.
i was banned from this web site.

i am using one of my web servers as ssh-tunnelling
to make this post. by default i can not come to this web site.

it is to be understood that i have been rejected from this web site.
it is to be understood i also did not feel comfortable being on
this web site due to presence of people under the age of 18.

on wall st web sites, i can say anything, police can see it
i get away with it.

on here i can not.

” the child slashed his throat after your posts”

it is obvious what type of web site this web site is.
its for those that believe in god and etc.

god does exist but he is not above void.
he is 1 level below void. and anyone can become a god.
and if they make it to void, they are at permanent peace.

if they fall to void – 2, they have a god.
the same way in reality one has a boss.



i did explain how time travel works, it is when you “think”.

when you “think” you are sending a signal into the
existence. there is no such thing as “time” you see there is
only wear and tare, and different configurations of being.

thus you can travel into any year, any future year.
the way it’s done is..

you say ” sugar is sweet ”
you say ” cocoa is brown ”
you say ” milk is white ”

you say ” if i mix them it would turn into chocolate ”
you say ” then i freeze it ”
you say ” then i place it into aluminum foil”
you say ” then i serve it to the guests”

you see, you just time traveled to the future, you made the
guests happy before they even arrived at your house/home.

now you come back to the “NOW” and you say, well the future
Is already done , should i proceed with it or not.

if it makes no sense, you say well the future is not possible
because yesterday i forgot to buy sugar from the grocery store,

now you have to time travel to the history. the way it’s done is
you go buy the milk in 10 minutes but you do it as if it was done

thus you time traveled to the history and corrected it.

now you can say ” the future is possible, historical mistake
has been fixed ”

every thought in your mind is sending signals into different

you can time travel to any year, any time. anything is possible.
but at the end you gonna get sick of it all and you gonna say

” it’s true, void is peace, i am going to void”

but suicide does not seem to equate to void.

i have time travelled way too many times and i can not figure
out how suicide equates to void.

what this means is, this web site is all flaw.
the people on it are simply people that are asking for something
something like money.

suicide is a way to ask for money.
money can be made if time travel is done.

so to help you people i came here to tell you about amazon
how you can return things to amazon if it makes no sense.

i took a risk. a police officer can be reading the fact that
I said one can return things back to amazon and report me
to amazon and i can end up losing my account.

i said it’s worth it for the suicidal people. i know how to
survive just fine. i don’t even need amazon.

and what did i get in return ? hate. being banned from here.
once again, i can not come to this web site any longer.

i can not be around children under 18.
i can not be around people that will call me “mentally ill”

i put my name under posts such as “sumer kolcak”
if in the future corporations google my name, they will
see me being labelled ” mentally ill “.

But that’s okay. it does not matter. you see, it is those
that hold the key to void, they will always be closer to
void and thus they will be able to see everything.

like a god.

and they will be able to time travel better than anyone
else in this universe.

i can time travel just fine.
i can fix the problems of being labelled this being
labelled that. trust me, i can. i am like a “void – 1″.

and if i figure a way to make it to void. trust me
evil at it’s supremacy., i am going there.

not caring what happens to everything else,
because i think it’s the way to go. it might be the godly
way to disappear into void.

the universe that is left behind. they will eventually
realize what-a-fuk-up-they-have-been and they too
will choose “void”. it’s the organic state.

the reason why stores like “whole foods” are becoming
Popular is because there is a craving to go back to

you see, i look at things from top, many of you will say
” icky wicky, what is this dude talking about, whole foods?
void? organic? what does that mean ?? ”

when you perfect time-travel you will find out.

you will find out that anything is possible but it’s annoying
that anything is possible. because divinity is not possible.

if divinity is not possible then what is this mess we call life?
it’s just a “joker”

once i asked the void-state what was going on it said ” it’s just a joker”

if you really wanna get to know me, you can check out my
Blog at “”

as you can see i was pretty and sweet looking when i first came
to america in 1995, 12 years of smelling pollution of highway 101
and you end up like the photo i had to cover with the photo of me
in 1995 in america.

by the way, the evidence that it was jealousy that got me banned
from this web site is this.. the previous post with 110 comments
named “SUICIDE & STEVE JOBS” it too was somehow removed.

once they removed that, they could label me anything and no-one could
verify it otherwise.

- Sumer Kolcak