There are many reasons why we require our wordpress blogs to be backed up or copied as it is ,to some other host.

Some of the benefits of creating a copy or backup of your wordpress blog are as follows:-

Assurance about the backup :-

You can be assured that your website has a backup , so in case something goes wrong , like you have some problems with your host or your find that your blog has been deactivated you can just feel relielved because of a backup.

You can sell your websites fast :-

If you want a copy of your blog to be sold to many of your clients then you need to do it fast and hence it would be productive and avoid waste of time.

Protect your blog from corruptin :-

There are times when we are just cautious to install a particular plugin to our wordpress blog and hence would prefer to have an exact backup with all the details so that in case anything goes wrong , we can get back to the original condition, more like a restore point.

Create quick copies to upload on another domain :-

Yes, this is very important for experts as they are not like newbies who have to deal with just one to two blogs, but many blogs instead.

So the solution to avoid waste of time is to get a copy created and then uploaded on the domain as and when required.

Quick, fast and efficient, satisfying the requiremetns of your client.

Create a template blog and then use it for as many domains as you like :-

There are so many cases, in which we desire that we have a particular template for a blog with all the required plugins and themes installed so that we don't have to go through the process of installing each individual plugin or theme again, with all the relevant settings.

  • The features that I will provide you :-

I will create a backup or an extra copy of your blog to save almost everything as it is from your original blog so that you don't realize a difference when your blog is uploaded on another domain, this will help you get over the waste of time aspect in creating multiple blogs and then installing the required plugins.

This new copy of your word press blog will have everything as it is in your original blog, including :-

  • The tags and the categories which have been created.
  • The most important settings for efficient navigation , i.e. the Permalink Settings.
  • The themes that you have setup , whether they are in active state or inactive state.
  • The affiliate links that you have created.
  • Plug ins with their configurations.
  • Comments which are already existing.
  • The posts and the pages along with their content.

and everything...just like the original blog.

For all these all features I will just charge you $5 per blog and will give you the service delivery as per the committed time before we have a deal.

Let me know your requirements so that I can start working for you.

You can either PM me or Message me in public with your requirements.

Note: I believe in complete privacy and maintaining a clean profile , so in case you are being suspicious, please be rest assured that I am a trustworthy person and you can always contact me and talk to me directly in case you need to.