Hi guys, i didn't saw a thread for this nice imagehost, so I created one. I'm not the owner, just an user.

We Pay Up to $6 For Each 1000 Image Views
We Pay Higher Than Another Site.
Minimum Payment only $1.00
No Hidden Rules To Hold Your Payments.
We Deal With Payments Every Day.
We Pay Up To 60% Of Moneys Earned By Each User You Refer.
We Pay Up To 10% Of Money From Premium Sale
Images and videos Of Any Size Qualify To Earn Money.
Porn Image and Porn Videos Are Not Allowed.
Payments Via Alertpay, Moneybookers, Paypal.
People All Over World Qualify For Rewards Program.
We Count All Traffic Around The World (Tier 5).

I recommend this host, their ads are also light, don't annoy visitor so much, they have "family safe" option and there aren't that annoying interstitial pages like others imagehosts.