EpicLeague.com - Great domain name for its Niche!

What is Epicleague.com?

Epic League (EL) is a gaming console and personal computer tournament / league and ladder site where squads and clans compete against each other in their respective games and leagues to earn the top spot.

Scripts are already loaded with a pay-2-play feature which has paypal intregrated within them. Handy for running tournaments at $20 / entry or for paid leagues for a season.

I bought the domain on Namecheap. It is a stellar domain name for this niche as the gaming communities are exploding in popularity!


Scripts are from www.eliteladders.com - to view a demo either visit epicleague.com or eliteladders.com/demo/

The buyer will also receive the EGL v2 scripts which are valued at $50 USD for free. You may sell this license at a later date if you choose too.

I will have to transfer you the licenses for the scripts - this may take a few hours after purchase.

NOTE: My forum software (vbulletin) will not be transferred. You are responsible for setting up your own forums (vb, smf, phpbb3, xenforo or etc) - The scripts come integrated for phpbb3 forum installs or vbulletin 3.x to 4.x

What you will receive when you buy this package is:

- Epicleague.com domain name
- Eliteladder v3 scripts and licenses
- Eliteladder v2 scripts and licenses
- All my photoshop files for the current website and my personal mods
- Access to the Eliteladder client area for member only addons and mods (also downloads of fresh scripts and updates for the ladder)
- 1 Year Open Mail Exchange service ( http://www.open-xchange.com/en/ )
If you have any questions ask them here or PM me.