100% Fully Automated and Monetized Movie SiteEarn income from AmazonAdsenseClickbank and othersIt’s all integrated!

CinemaDuck.Com is a fully automated Movie Website that comes with its own database of over 5000 of the hottest new releases and the biggest selling movie DVD’s and Blurays on earth. Each movie has its own full page and includes everything from the movies cast, extensive review, trivia, box office takings and more.

Also on the page is a Buy This Movie button that directly links to Amazon.Com, through your affiliate ID. This enables you to gain commission on anything you sell on the site.

The site also has carefully placed Clickbank advertisements. We’ve researched the BEST and HIGHEST SELLING Clickbank products and placed them in the areas customers are more likely to click.

Adsense is fully implemented throughout the site. From the from page to every movie page. Each ad was carefully chosen and placed to add to the overall beauty of the site as well as make you money.

Cinema Duck .Com is a great opportunity, for anyone looking for a simple, easy to manage way to make some good money online.

This is a Website Business that can be operated by absolutely anyone, regardless of experience in online marketing. So simple your Grandma could do it, because there really is nothing to do!

This site contains everything a movie website could want or need.

State of the art movie website that has the following:
·Beautiful design that’s hugely monetized
·Fully automated
·Over 5000 Movie Database each with its own page with an extensive review of the film, cast, trivia, photos, trailer and amazon “buy this movie” button.
·Movies Now Playing In Theaters page
·Movie Showtime’s Page (visitor can input zip code and see what’s playing in their town)
·Integrated Movie Trailers Search
·Top Box Office and Coming Soon
·Extensive Built In Movie Archive
·Movie News Page that auto updates with the LATEST film news.
·Video trailer for every movie

Cinema Duck .Com is built around a custom Wordpress theme that was built from the ground up. The site has a number of premium scripts that accesses data from the most reliable sources across the web. One of the main sources is IMDB, the biggest movie source on earth.

The site is timed to automatically update the website on a daily basis. Each update adds details of ALL new movies, upcoming releases, news, reviews, cast, DVD releases etc etc etc to the website. The site is NEVER outdated.
There is absolutely nothing for its owner to do. This is a true autopilot money earner in every sense of the word.

·FREE $500 worth of guides that cover everything you need to make this site profitable. Each guide is 100% related to making money with a movie site.
·FREE Technical support for as long as needed
·FREE post sale support and free transfer.
·SEO optimized
·A site coded for the latest WordPress, newest version, just updated. All the newest state-of-the-art programming, clean code.
·Catchy Top Level Domain name. Cinema Duck .Com is a memorable and valuable TLD that will increase in value, along with the site


I can host the site exactly where it is for $5 a month, or can move it to a brand new hostgator account that will give you the first month for only $0.01. If you choose to host it on a new account, you will also get a FREE $100 adwords coupon.

Adwords is a good way to get some targeted visitors to the site right away.


What do I need to run this site?
You will need a web hosting account. This is just a place where the site can be placed. Web hosting is very inexpensive and easy to setup. I can help you with this
If you want to make money through the ads on the site, you will need an adsense, clickbank and amazon.com affiliates account. If you have accounts and need help figuring out what your ID’s are, I can help you. You will need them though.

How am I paid?
You earn revenue whenever someone clicks an ad on your site or buys a product through your site. The clickbank products were chosen for their high sales rate. Each film has a link to buy that film on Amazon.com. With over 5000 movies in the database alone and growing, this site can make you a lot of commission.

So the database grows without me having to touch it?
Yes! The site checks for new movie releases and downloads all information about the film. It creates a page in the site. The page is stunningly professional and includes a film review, cast, box office takings, trailer, photos and lots more.

Can the site be modified?
Absolutely. There are some limitations though. The site has been designed as a completely self running website. It has been painstakingly worked on and tweaked for smooth performance. In that sense, we do not use widgets in the site. Everything you would expect in a wordpress site is there, but if you add widgets etc, it may mess up the design of the site. Plenty of things can be changed however. You can change the types of movies that are contained on the website easily. For example, if you do not wish to have a war movie section, this can be removed. If you wish to build a site JUST on Horror movies, you can remove all other catagories and keep the Horror sections. All site graphics, background colors etc can be changed through ftp. This is a simple process.

How big is the databse?
The database is currently around 950mb. The reviews, images and all other info from each film cataloged is stored on your hosts server. This is why we have kept the movie list to 5000. However, it should be noted that the catalog only GROWS with each weekly update. We have emphasized the BEST and biggest selling films for MAXIMUM income, rather than a comprehensive catalog of every movie ever made. Why? In 5 years of running the site you MAY get an Amazon order for that copy of an obscure 1980’s horror flick named Attack of the Killer Bimbos. You WILL get dozens of sales on Jaws, The Bourne Ultimatum and The Hunger Games every month. It makes good business sense to push products that SELL in mass quantity and are ALWAYS POPULAR.

This is a very quick three day auction. This site will attract a lot of attention, so do not hesitate on this opportunity before its too late.

Feel free to ask any questions and to visit the website. I would urge you to check out the site outside Flippa to get a full perspective of the quality within it.

Thank you for looking!