If you are planning to use YouTube for marketing, or if you want to become a YouTube partner, you have to spy on your competition. It's as simple as that. You HAVE to know which videos are the most successful in your niche, and then you need to emulate them to replicate their success.

Unfortunately, this kind of research takes a long time. Instead of focusing on creating a quality video, you find yourself spending hours on the Interwebs.

It doesn't have to be this way. You can outsource this job at a great rate, and save yourself hours and hours of manual labor. I can create a report that gives you this information in an easy to read spreadsheet. Your report will include intel on your 20 biggest YouTube competitors! These are the most successful YouTubers in your niche. Here's what you get:

1. Each video's URL
2. Each video's title
3. Whether or not the video has a link in its description
4. Each video's view count
5. Each video's # of comments*
6. Each video's # of favorites*
7. Each video's publication date
8. Each video's tags (!)
9. Each video's category

*If the uploader set these fields to private, they will not be available. In my experience, this is the vast minority. You can expect intel on these two criteria for around 70% of the results.

I'm sure you see the power of having all of this information right in front of you, and I'm sure you are already coming up with ways to take advantage of it. Here's a few ideas that occur to me:

1. Contact owners of popular owners in your niche that don't have a link in their description and offer to pay "rent" in exchange for putting your link there. Most YouTubers do what they do for the views, and would be happy to receive a few bucks a month for a link. Imagine the views your link could get.

2. Quickly create a massive database of tags to use with every video you upload to the niche. No more wasting time sitting at the keyboard trying to come up with tags. Now you have them all, and you have proof that they work!

3. Find the videos that became popular very quickly by sorting by publication date and then by views, comments and favorites. It will take you SECONDS to do this, instead of hours. Then, visit each video, watch, and take notes. Dominate your competition.

I'm sharing this incredible service at the introductory price of $5 for the DP community, AND the first 4 visitors to this thread who PM me and request their report, will get it for FREE. So don't wait!

The deliverable is a CSV spreadsheet that you can open with MS Excel, Open Office Calc, or Google Docs.