Hi everyone, I need to clear out my portfolio and I wanna sell a few of my websites here.

All of these sites are created with a simple business idea which is: outsourcing. Basically you send traffic (or SEO) to the sites, people will buy your services, you outsource this services for a cheaper price and you make a nice profit without doing any work at all.

All of these websites are already built with a nice design and proper content. Most of them are on page 1 on google (see below), and have a proper domain name according to their main keyword.

You can buy them all at once or each one.

1. www.BuyAnswers.net > The main keyword: Buy Answers has 40,500 searches per month. This site sits on #3 position on Google after that keyword. Selling Price: $97

2. www.BuyTestimonials.net > Main keyword: Buy Testimonials has 880 searches per month. Sits on #3 position on Google. Selling Price: $50

3. www.PaidArticles.net > Main Keyword: Paid Articles has 9900 Searches per month. Sits on #14 on Google. Selling Price: $50

4. www.BuyLinkz.net > Selling Price: $35

5. www.BuyDailyTraffic.com > Selling Price: $35

These sites did not made any sales yet, i only made seo to them. I did however made some nice sales with other sites that i have related to services and outsourcing.

The traffic is starting to grow organically now day by day for each of them.

If you have any questions or offers feel free to PM me :)

Have a nice day,