I have been freelancing and marketing for a few years now. I haven't really made as much as i would like to with these two methods. I do have a strong back round in marketing and I am a very fast learner. I am currently going to college and found myself short on money recently.

What I am looking for is a mentor that has a strong money system that would like to share or work with me. Like I said, I am quick with learning new methods and have some previous experience that will help. I am seeking someone who is making $100 + a day online. I am looking to learn a system that works.

What I can offer in return for partnering and mentoring me is a percentage of my income. Teach me your strategies, and help me earn a steady income and I can in return share a percentage of profits with you. I see this as a win win situation for both of us.

PM me if you are interested, We can work out a nice partnership deal that satisfies both of us.