We all know attending conferences is a great way to meetup new people in the same niche. Spreads your word with more interaction as there is a "Word of Mouth" factor working...okay I'm not gonna give you pros & cons about attending conferences.

But I was looking for some internet marketing conferences in India. As I don't see a lotta those here.

Wat Summit 20th - 21st January, 2012 - Mumbai http://www.watsummit.com/ Missed
Click Asia Summit 15th - 17th January, 2012 - Mumbai http://www.clickasiasummit.com/ Missed
Social India Conference 12th - 13th November, 2012 - Bangalore http://www.socialindiaconference.in/ Date Unknown

Well why don't we all contribute and make a list of all upcoming conferences. Guess it will help all webmasters from India. Please share your thoughts.