Which are the best decisions that i should take of the followings

1. Should stick with blogspot blog that have a good page rank and use a custom domain and forget about transferring my efforts to a self hosted wordpress blog

2. Should focus on few micro niche websites and keep developing them and selling them ( MFA websites. Self hosted wordspresses)

3. Only should keep developing a website that closely relates to my hobbies till it becomes an authority website of some sort and then monetize it

3. Because now the CTR is law i should embed adsense into posts ( within text and after title etc. So thats it! Why should i ever leave blogspot?)

4. I am a poor writer. Bloging is some times out of my league. A forum thing will be much better and easier. So whats still averting me of leaving this cursed platform which demand a high skilled pattern of writting and a more futuristic insigt into the subject?( and also a 100% accuracy )

5. Is mobile phone niche worthwhile running after in terms of PPC and CTR etc ?

6. What are the niches that gets the highest click through rates ?

pls take as much time as it required when answering my tiny questions. Answers will turn my life forever. I wont be able to turn back. I am getting older (32 now ) without a steady stream of income. If i am ever going to take a decision it will be and should be my ultimate final decision that should be more accurate wise and i will be able to stick with