hii everyone.. i'm selling hair-stylees.com

site is new.. i open new. and site making daily 50 visitor..

i sold before ofdress.net ( 7 month ago ) site still making daily 2k visitor.. and site making daily 30-50$ adsense..

script is professional seo script.

setup script and wait 1 week site will get traffic.

automatically add images..

so you can open shoe pictures website.. car pictures website.. hair-stylees website. e.t.c....

what yopu will got : hair-stylees.com and unlimited profesisonal money maker SCRIPT..

i want to sale onnly 10 people !

payment escrow.com or western union.. not accept paypal...

for western union : 100+ trader first script , next payment.

under 100+ trader : first payment next script.

BIN : 2.000$

without digitalpoint :