I started a new website about 2 weeks ago. The niche is Playbook apps and games reviews. I already made a few reviews and some basic marketing. So far, I made this to promote my site:
- Reddit submission for new reviews: this generally gave me the best traffic ( about 40 uniquest on the days I submit a link and about 15-20 on days when I don't submit a new link)
- Delicious submission: about 4 unique visits on days when I submit a link and 0-1 when I don't submit new links
- Stumbleupon submission: about 6 unique visits when I submit a link and 0 when i don't
- Digg submission: 0 visits all the time
- posting on a few forums: blackberryos.com, blackberryforums.com, everythingberry.com forum and couple more
- Made a Facebook page, but so far I only have 2 Likes (one is me and one is a friend)
- Offered free reviews to devs, but so far none contacted me
- Installed All-in-one-SEO Plugin on the site (had some nice results in the past thanks to this plugin)
- submitted site to Google (and other search engines)

So far, I have about I have 60-70 unique visits when I post a new link on Reddit and about 25-30 when I don't. I wrote a new article almost every day but haven't submitted every one to reddit sicne I don't want to spam the /r/Playbook reddit page so I generally put a link every 2-3 days.

What else do you recommend I do to have more traffic to my site? Or am I too greedy to want more traffic in less than a month of release?

P.S. Site is http://bestpbapps.com