For a limited time we are offering 50% recurring discount on all of our Xen PV and Xen HVM plans. We have approx 100 places to fill, get in quick!

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Plans (Before Discount)


128MB----128MB-----10GB----150GB-------------£5.00 [Order PV] [Order HVM]
256MB----256MB-----15GB----250GB-------------£9.00 [Order PV] [Order HVM]
384MB----384MB-----20GB----350GB-------------£13.00 [Order PV] [Order HVM]
512MB----512MB-----30GB----450GB-------------£16.00 [Order PV] [Order HVM]
768MB----768MB-----40GB----550GB-------------£24.00 [Order PV] [Order HVM]
1024MB---1024MB---60GB----650GB-------------£30.00 [Order PV] [Order HVM]
1536MB---1536MB---100GB---1000GB-----------£45.00 [Order PV] [Order HVM]
2048MB---2048MB---130GB---1500GB-----------£55.00 [Order PV] [Order HVM]
3072MB---3072MB---200GB----2000GB----------£80.00 [Order PV] [Order HVM]
4096MB---4096MB---260GB---2500GB-----------£105.00 [Order PV] [Order HVM]
5120MB---5120MB---320GB----3000GB----------£130.00 [Order PV] [Order HVM]

All VPS Include:

* Xen Virtualization, Dedicated Resources, Rock Solid Stability.
* 4 Full-speed CPU Cores with prioritization (Larger VPS have more CPU time)
* 1 IPv4 Address with custom RDNS (Extra £0.50/Mo per IP, with Justification)
* SolusVM for Reloads, Reboots, RDNS, Status Checking

* Add cPanel for £12/Month

* Add DirectAdmin for £5/Month
* Full Management is available for cPanel or DirectAdmin, just ask.

* On Xen PV we have most major OS's including CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian etc (Latest ones in SolusVM afte order)

* On Xen HVM we will do our best to support ANY OS. If it's not in SolusVM we will add it.

Hardware Information

* Single or Dual Quadcore Intel CPU with 8GB-24GB RAM and Hardware RAID10
* Hosted in our own racks in Spectrum House, Maidenhead
* Generally between 15 and 40 VPS per machine (Depending on hardware spec)
* Check out our individual node uptimes: Click Here

Network Information (AS20860)

* Carriers include TiNET, Telia, Teleglobe, LINX, LonAP, 200+ Peers
* 100% Cisco Network, 6500 Series Routers & 3750 Series Edge Switches
* Test IP: | Speed Test: 100MB.bin | Uptime Stats: Click Here

Why Us?
* We're stable, trading 6+ years under the PCSmart name
* We own all of our servers and switching equipment
* We know Xen/SolusVM inside out and manage servers for other VPS companies on WHT


Please see for further information.

Alternativley, please email