is proud to present :

"Share Revenue Program"!

This program gives you the chance to earn money by adding your advertisement banner under your submitted gif. The banner will be show 50% of the time when someone watches your submission.

How to submit and start earning $$ :

Register a new account by filling in your info or with facebook connect
Confirm your email by clicking the link in the registration email
Click on the "Submit gif" tab in the navigation bar
Fill in all the information needed about the gif
Fill in the info about the banner you wish to display under your gif
Wait until the submitted gif is approved by any staff member
Start earning money from the traffic presented to you by!

Few things you need to know :

We only accept banners in the size 468x60
No gifs will be approved with any watermarks
Submissions with not enough/correct information can be trashed
You have to be the owner of the content you submit
Everything about bestiality/child/vomit/poop/rape/incest and any other form of illegal content is strictly forbidden, and will be reported to the authorities keeps the right to change the rules whenever it sees fit
Any DMCA complaint need to be in a written email with proof emailed to

Thanks for participating in our program, might we both prosper!