I have been reading this forum and other like this one, for about one year.
However I started to take action just 3 months ago.

I am happy to say that I just started to earn a bit more than $100 each day from online mostly.

Last month was a big plus for me as I started to use Pinterest. If you haven't heard of it, you may want to take a look at it (just google it).
Pinterest is a new social network with a huge growth.
People still think about getting into facebook when it was just starting out, to make easy cash. Now we have pinterest and is so fresh, with such good content and most important users willing to buy.

Here is my method that I applied in the last few weeks:
~Create a twitter account, if you haven't already. Make a full bio account + photo.
~Next go straight to pinterest and sign up with your twitter account.
~Move around a bit and see the functions this site have. Easy 2 minutes job.
~Head over to any free blogging platform (blogger, weebly, wordpress) and sign up.
*If you have any website, better. However you can make money even with $0.
~Post pictures on your free blog. Get pictures of products you want people to buy (clothes, books, health products, etc).
~Sign up to an affiliate program (amazon, buy.com, cj.com, etc). This is how you will get commission for each sell.
~Along with your pictures in your free blog/website, post links of your affiliate products.
~Now comes the best part. Get back on pinterest and start 'pin' your blog picuteres. "Pin" is a function of sharing in pinterest.
~Now get on pinterest and start interacting with people. Follow other people, comment on their pins (shares), repin (re-share) other users pins, like other shares and so on.
~Remember, the more pin's you share the more traffic you send to your affiliate links.
~I once got about 300 repins and my pinterest profile went viral that day. Over 2.500 users got on my blog. Biggest sells I got so far. You should see my smile since than.

Hope you guys take action and at least make some cash for bigger ventures.