It's took me 5 weeks to get this far....I had no idea where to begin with designing a site. And found, once it was done, I hadn't even began as the optimization process is mind boggling!!!!!!I have learnt alot in the last few day!Please review my site, physically I know it needs changes. text is quite small for example (this will be changed).But more importantly, the SEO side of thing.I have page titles look like this: /___gutter-cleaning-in-thespecificarea.htmldoes the /___ x3 under scores look bad to a googlebot???????????It seems that many pages are already ranking fairly highly, for example measham, But i'm worried to change file names is like starting all over again and may end up being re-indexed lower??Backlinks are a nightmare!Im on facebook. (my only link before today).... Now Wordpress. Digital forum. Yahoo answers (i've put some answers with links back to my site on their).Does anyone have suggestions for a FREE backlink list for example.Thanks for reading :)http://